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11 August 2010 @ 12:00 am

Thank you for your interest in Dream Poet!
Please leave a comment with this information:
Genre(s) you write in (poetry/screenwriting/fiction/songwriting, etc:
How does writing intrigue you?
Why are you interested in Dream Poet?:
Piece and/or link:

1. Your piece must be 500 words or less.
2. It can be original, or an excerpt of fan-fiction, as long as you understand the community is for original works.
3. We are not judging quality and content as much as we are looking for enthusiasm and dedication, and imagination.
4. Please write: "Dream Poets rule the world" in the subject line so that we know you have read the rules.
5. After you receive two approval comments from two of the mods (noctems,_living_doll, ohfiyera, or myself), you will be able to make posts.

Thank you for your interest in Dream Poet. We look forward to getting to know you! note: we will send you an invitation to join after you submit this and get approved. If you don't know how to accept the invitation, just go to the 'communities' section in the top navigation strip, and click on 'manage your invites.'
lost_in_a_storylost_in_a_story on January 24th, 2009 04:32 am (UTC)
Dream Poets rule the world
Name: Jill
Genre(s) you write in (poetry/screenwriting/fiction/songwriting, etc: fiction/fantasy/fanfiction/poetry
How does writing intrigue you?: It helps me to escape all the little nasty things that happen in life. Lots of bad things have happened around me in the past two years and I see writing as a very helpful outlet.
Why are you interested in Dream Poet?: Because I would enjoy a place to have fun with writing and be around people who share my passion...I would not enjoy a place where all people do is yell at each other and say things like "never write again"
Piece and/or link:
Reality had been so skewed within the course of the past 24 hours that I wasn’t completely sure if I was dreaming or not. I couldn’t see around me that well, all I knew was it was pitch black and I was freezing. My bare feet were planted firmly on the hard earth as I attempted to concentrate on the silence around me.

Silence was typically defined as being a space devoid of any noise. In reality, though, a space which was silent could very well be deafening. If one stands in silence for too long the lack of noise begins to create a sort of buzzing sound in the mind. One that starts out as just a simple hum but quickly escalates to a maddening roar equal to that of a jet engine. The roar is essentially the sound of all the remnants of any noise being drained from the space. It’s like when the plug is pulled on a bathtub and the last drags of water are whipped into a tight whirl and are dragged down the drain. Or when the contents of a plastic bag are sealed in and all the remaining air is squeezed out. Whatever the case may be it is fact that the sound of silence is anything but quiet.

I tried my hardest to push out the deafening absence of sound and instead concentrate on the abyss that surrounded me. My breathing was slow, and measured. I counted each breath that I let escape my lungs in a frantic attempt to not allow myself to pass out. I curled my stiff fingers into fists in case I needed to defend myself (though I was certain that whatever I needed to fight off would not be phased by my fists). I focused my eyes the best that I could on the darkness and I could feel my pupils stretch in their attempt to draw in any light.

Then, as if my eyes had finally adjusted to the darkness, they began to appear. Pairs of wicked eyes came into focus all around me. Some were at level with me; others taller, still others were near ground level as if they belonged to some sort of animal. The deafening sound of the silence was replaced with the softer sounds of growls and light footsteps. The eyes were all piercing, all vigilant, and all equally terrifying.

Some of them were pale, almost white, orbs that reflected in them my scared face. Others were darker, deeper, and more sinister. Then there were the eyes I feared the most. They were the eyes at near ground level that shone the brightest, with their multicolored swirls of deep purples, blacks, and menacing reds. They belonged to Shifters. But these shifters, I knew, were nothing like Kora. They were not kind, nor gentle; they did not know how to control their power and not let it control them. These Shifters were purely animals who had shed any fragment of their humanity they may have held onto years ago. These Shifters killed for the sheer joy of killing and that was all.

And one of them looked more eager than the others. It was closing circle ahead of everyone else…

It would be the one to kill me
Meg the Writermeganthewriter on January 24th, 2009 04:34 am (UTC)
Re: Dream Poets rule the world
great post! welcome!
lost_in_a_storylost_in_a_story on January 24th, 2009 04:35 am (UTC)
Re: Dream Poets rule the world
Thank you!

I am very excited about this community.
Megan, formerly known as twi_ctionohfiyera on January 24th, 2009 04:34 am (UTC)
Re: Dream Poets rule the world
I approve. :D
ily Jill.
lost_in_a_storylost_in_a_story on January 24th, 2009 04:36 am (UTC)
Re: Dream Poets rule the world