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11 August 2010 @ 12:00 am

Thank you for your interest in Dream Poet!
Please leave a comment with this information:
Genre(s) you write in (poetry/screenwriting/fiction/songwriting, etc:
How does writing intrigue you?
Why are you interested in Dream Poet?:
Piece and/or link:

1. Your piece must be 500 words or less.
2. It can be original, or an excerpt of fan-fiction, as long as you understand the community is for original works.
3. We are not judging quality and content as much as we are looking for enthusiasm and dedication, and imagination.
4. Please write: "Dream Poets rule the world" in the subject line so that we know you have read the rules.
5. After you receive two approval comments from two of the mods (noctems,_living_doll, ohfiyera, or myself), you will be able to make posts.

Thank you for your interest in Dream Poet. We look forward to getting to know you! note: we will send you an invitation to join after you submit this and get approved. If you don't know how to accept the invitation, just go to the 'communities' section in the top navigation strip, and click on 'manage your invites.'
green eyesfiction_nomad on February 24th, 2009 05:52 am (UTC)
dream poets rule the world
Name: Hallie
Genres: fiction, poems, sonnets, songs
How does writing intrigue you? It intrigues me because it allows me to escape my world and write someone elses; it lets me live in someone elses shoes and escape my problems and focus on their problems.
Why are you interested in Dream Poet?: I would like to see the reception my writing gets and if i need to improve. Fellow writers opinions are key.
Piece and/or link: It's a beginning excrept to a story called, Norah.

Life had never been kind or conscientious to Norah. Life always had some dull zest to it and nothing of that zest appealed to her. Norah had lived low key and never popped out of her ever-so-taut bubble which she locked herself in. She never let anyone in and often shut them out when they tried to get in. The only person who really knew her was her mother, Molly.

Love was also not very kind to Norah either. Having dated two guys that were both terrible to her during the relationship, it drove her away from even considering love anymore. Love was a dreaded word around her and she avoided any couples and romantic/chick flick movies because they all involved: love. She loved her family, and some of her friends but that was as far as her love extended. Well friends, family and her dog Coop.

Norah was a senior at East Hills High School in Washington State. The friends that she did have were close. Bernadette was her closest friend. They’d been best friends since they were five and in pre-school beating up on all the juvenile boys who verbally stated that she and Bernadette had coodies. Bernadette was happily in a relationship with her boyfriend of a year, Jeremy. Whenever Bernadette and Norah were together they talked about every topic possible other than love. The thing is that Norah gave the best advice best she’d pretty much experienced it all; the love, the heartbreak, the life, the pain, the emotions. Whenever Bernadette was having troubles with Jeremy or life—and I mean like crack out all the chocolate you can find, Ben & Jerry’s drinking, stomach-aching moments—in which Norah would help her. Without Bernadette in her life I don’t really think Norah would have an upbeat moment. She’d always be mopping around but her mother good always jolt her out of her ruts as well.

School was a mediocre subject when you talked to Norah about it. She excelled in English, history, business and German. Math and science are not her vises. She loathed them. Norah never really got why she had to learn them when she wanted to major in English and not math or science. Her junior and senior year, she spent the mornings at the local community college for running start where she studied arts and English. In the afternoon, she was at the high school where she took classes on science, English, and history. Life without a book is hell and life with high school is equally matched. High school and Norah never called it truce. It will always be a ongoing battle until she walks the line to receive her diploma.

Megan, formerly known as twi_ctionohfiyera on June 9th, 2009 01:07 am (UTC)
Re: dream poets rule the world
very well written. I'm sorry I didn't approve you earlier. For some reason this alert was not sent to my inbox. I blame the fail of yahoo.

I approve. :)