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Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were.~ Carl Sagan

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Are you a Dream Poet?
Dream Poet is a community dedicated to people who are ready to challenge themselves by getting their creative works out there. Have you always wanted to write a novel, compile a short story collection, book of poetry, see your script projecting on film, or acted in real time on stage, hear your words blending beautifully with music, or maybe your words don't even have a category, you want to do it all? Here you'll be amongst other writers seeking to further themselves in craft and creative expression, who support each other, give critiques on work, celebrate when you get your first pieces of work published or as you overcome fear and submit work to publications. Be challenged and have fun with daily or weekly writing prompts, word of the day, and other things that will keep your imagination flowing and keep you writing. Participate in fun discussions about books, inspirations, helping aids, whatever you like that would encourage this community of artists. And coming soon, read articles by fellow Dream Poets about writing inspiration and individual genres.

friending policy/rules
YOU MUST SUBMIT THE APPLICATION TO JOIN! It is required if you would like to be a member that you submit a 500 word sample of your writing. We want people here to have a true desire to write and encourage others. Understand that the pieces will not be under strong judgement, we just see it as a sign that you are taking this seriously, and would like to grow in a community of artists. We would prefer it be an original piece, however if you are a fanfiction writer, a link to your pieces, or an excerpt of a work will be accepted, as long as you understand that this community is for original works, not fanfiction.

-While critiquing others' work, it is important that the atmosphere stay challenging yet encouraging at the same time. Please start off with highlighting the strengths of a work before moving on to concerns.
-All ideas and topics are accepted, no idea will be frowned upon, however, if you feel that the particular topic has adult concepts, rate your works, or offer a disclaimer.
-Refrain from stating comments like: "your work sucks." If you do not like a piece overall, and would like to comment, please try to keep your critiques and suggestions as unbiased as possible, or do not comment at all.
-As a member you will be able to post discussion topics on anything you would like, as pertains to creativity, writing, inspiration, etc. All topics that do not fit this will be deleted. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask a Moderator what is appropriate.

Dream Poet Mod's and Staff
meganthewriter: Brittany-Megan
noctems: Katie
_living_doll: Sam
ohfiyera: Megan

Staff listing coming soon!


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